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 Tis the season to be fundraising...


According to a survey conducted by the AFRDS, Seven out of 10 parent-teacher organizations said the most profitable school-wide fundraiser began in August, September or October.  A smaller percentage (19%) said the most profitable school-wide fundraiser began in February, March or April.

This seems fairly cut and dry.  The holiday season, which I am defining as November, December and January, is off limits to fundraising.  People are traveling, kids are out of school and everyone is spending money on other things.  All of these arguments make sense, but is there another side to this coin?  I believe yes. 

I believe the holiday season can be a great time for a holiday fundraiser.  Let’s review the arguments against fundraising in the holiday season.  People are traveling to see friends and family.  Who better to get support for your school from then family?  Kids are out of school.  What better time to go to work with Mom and Dad and see if you can get their colleagues to help support your school.  People are spending money on the holidays.  It is a time of giving.  What makes a better stocking stuffer then a high quality box of chocolate are even a fundraising discount card. 

Let’s assume these arguments are valid.  Then why does the statistic I began the article with hold true?  Because, in order to pull off a successful holiday fundraiser your group will have to be more organized, more motivated and more dedicated then ever.  The statistic above covers 89% of school fundraisers.  That means that there are 11% of this multi-billion dollar industry that are not raising money at the conventional times.  This also means less competition from other groups fundraising during these times.  I believe if conducted properly an organization can conduct a holiday fundraiser with great success. 

There are a few tips I would give in order to make your holiday fundraiser successful.  Stick with relevant products.  You can make a case for a number of products that fit in the holiday season.  Candle fundraisers, cookie dough fundraisers, chocolate fundraisers and wrapping paper fundraisers are just a few of the relative products at the time.  These are items that someone is going to buy during the holidays anyway.  Why not buy them and support a good cause. 

Another idea is the school discount cards.  This is a bit of a different idea, but I believe they are an inexpensive gift that has a lot of value and the discount card makes a great stocking stuffer. 

One last idea is a customized ornament fundraiser.  At ESC Promotions we have seen this product grow in popularity over the years.  Although you have less chance of selling multiple holiday ornaments to one person.  By having the date printed on the bulb you will have a better chance of growing your renewal sale business because they will be collecting the set. 

I cannot deny the statistical evidence that I presented at the beginning of the article.  I am simply trying to take an alternative look at the way things are done.  Happy Fundraising.


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