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 Why Us

When considering "why ESC?", please consider our mission, which is threefold:

  • to provide the highest quality products and programs
  • to provide the knowledge necessary for customers to achieve realistic and high goals
  • to minimize the effort required to realize high profits

For over a decade, we have listened to our customers and worked with them to develop fundraising solutions to meet the needs of their particular organization.  As a result, we have been able to not only enjoy personal and long-lasting relationships with our customers, but we've also been able to expand our options and modify our programs in numerous ways so they obtain the maximum results. 

By keeping in tune with the heartbeat of our customers, we intend to continue our objective of providing high-quality products and programs designed to reach each customer's monetary goals.  Moreover, we are determined to continue sharing our fundraising knowledge and experience so that our customers can always feel confident that they have a trusted partner to count on with each year's fundraiser. 

We are dedicated to our mission and our customers have noticed.  That is why we have become the principle fundraiser provider for entire institutions across the nation.  It is not uncommon for one or two organizations within a school to recommend our programs and services to others within their institution, until finally, we are able to orchestrate the fundraisers for each group at a school.  This occurrence has innumerable benefits for an institution because we can arrange multiple programs so that groups will not compete with one another, and then strategically time them so that the community is not flooded with everyone's 'annual fall fundraiser'.  This type of situation benefits not only the institution's groups as a collective, but it enables higher profit margins for each individual group when the referrals are made.  Only a company committed to cultivating personal relationships with its customers will be able to accomplish such a feat. 

All it takes to start the process: 

The close relationship we expect to develop with your group begins with the establishment of your profile.  ESC's consultants will speak with you to systematically identify your goals and the specific factors which will impact your fundraiser's performance.  In particular, we will attempt to learn:

  • size and nature of your group
  • size and nature of your group's institution
  • size and setting of your community
  • approximate monetary goal
  • estimate of effort to be expected from group's members
  • history of prior fundraisers
  • types of fundraisers held by other groups at the same institution
  • number of other groups at your institution using ESC's programs
  • point in time you intend to launch your fundraiser
  • date when you need to have your cash in hand

The good news is that after obtaining this information during a brief conversation with you, we will be immediately able to recommend a suitable fundraising program and get you started right away on your efforts to raise cash!  It only takes a few minutes to begin the relationship with ESC Promotions which will open up a lifetime of new opportunities for your organization while preventing the usual headaches you might have experienced in the past with other fundraiser providers.



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